April-May Intersession Assignment

Download PDF of Assignments

SJ 2021 InterSession Assignments April.May

Download Wise Choices pages 37-49.

Wise Choices Pages 37-49

View the Video: Images of God by Brother Don Bisson, FMS

Download Images of God Handout and use it to follow along with the video and take notes.

Images of God Handout

Please Note:

Like many good teachers, Don made some changes during his presentation that don’t line up with his notes:

  1. Don followed the notes until the middle of p. 11.  He stopped at “Areas We Get Hooked Into.”
  2. Then he skipped pages 11 through 15 and went to p. 16  “Healing Spirituality and God images”
  3. He skipped p. 19 re:  perfectionism only 1 paragraph.
  4. On p. 20 he launched “Seeing the Face of God”; see descriptive terms of God. 
  5. Then, he referred to a book by Ryan Grogan, Making Good Decisions.  He gave 10 points from this book and closed by saying that discernment relies on our image of God. 

Please supplement the notes Don provided with your own. Thank you!

Sacred Journey May Assignment

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