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Sacred Journey Mandala & Mercy Spirituality

Sacred Journey Participants:

Spend some time reflecting on this past year on your “Sacred Journey”. From your notes, reflections, remembrances, what comes up for you? Are there any images that come to mind? Any colors? Any words? Jot these down, no matter how random. Let them ruminate and incubate.

Read the directions below for creating a mandala – which is an ancient form of spiritual guidance. It is used to depict the spiritual journey and is contained in a circle (a universal sign of wholeness) holding your truth.
After reading the directions, decide which media(s) you want to use. You may need a few days to think about this. Then gather these materials together. Set aside at least an hour of quiet, individual time and space for yourself. Then begin with step 1.

(You may also go to the website and watch the video I prepared, where I will walk you through this process, if this is helpful. You decide!)

(Using a circle, a universal sign of wholeness, to contain your truth)

Materials needed
Colored pencils/markers/chalk / or magazine pictures, photographs or online pictures (your choice)
Paper large enough to trace a dinner plate on, creating your circle in the center (use a compass if you remember how to use and have one!); heavier paper works best but one that your drawing will show up on.

1. Sit quietly, taking deep breaths. Ask god to be with you in this activity.
2. If an idea comes up from your prayer or previous reflections, try and illustrate your thoughts, placing them within the circle.
3. Use color, words if needed, but abstract lines work, too. Or draw images. Continue placing ideas within the circle until it feels complete
4. You may want to fill in blank spaces, if any, with a light color, or contrasting one.
You can also use magazine pictures, if you wish. These would need to be collected after step one.
5. When finished, outline your circle with black marker, pen, so your border stands out.
6. Change the last step: Sit with your finished work, praying with it as you talk with the divine. Ask for any suggestions; journal what you understand about what you created and why.

You are asked to bring this to our closing session where, in your small, sacred circle you will be invited to share this experience, and, if you so choose, your mandala!

Sr. Bernie

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