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Hymn: The Christian Life

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Wednesday, February 22nd Schedule

7:00       Ashes and Centering Prayer sit
7:30       Breakfast in Silence
9:00       Gurdjieff Exercise
9:30       Silent Stretch Break
9:35       Final Teaching with Questions and Responses
10:45    Break
11:00    Ash Wednesday Eucharist Celebration (you may want to have bread and wine at hand)
12:00    Close


Obligolnian Strivings – from Beelzebub’s Tales – G. I. Gurdjieff

 Writing on Conscience by Josh Denny

Egregore – as defined on Wikipedia

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Inner Task for TODAY: Tuesday, Feb 21 – provided by Cynthia:

Continuing to work with our Atmosphere and adding the sign of the Cross as demonstrated in the morning Gurdjieff exercise, you are invited to continue throughout the day to tap back into these points of the Trinity in you, in sensation: the Head as The Father, the spine as The Son, and the solar plexus as The Holy Spirit. You can work with this from within or with the outer gestures.

You may find this seated version on the ancient Trinity Prayer: Hagios O Theos with translation and further explanation helpful as well.



Inner Task for Monday, Feb 20 – provided by Cynthia:

Continue to sense into your atmosphere and the field of our collective group Web (even on Zoom). Provide help by being a responsible steward of this group Web.


Inner Task for Sunday, Feb 19 – provided by Heather:

Building on yesterday’s task and this morning’s exercise, being aware of our atmosphere that surrounds and enwombs us on all sides. Continuing to notice when our atmosphere is settled and undisturbed, and opening to the awareness of the Mercy field of which we live and move, and have our being.  Our atmosphere is that inter-tidal zone, that womb of Mercy.

Continue to work to steward you atmosphere, and have a direct taste of the Mercy field in and around us. Open to noticing that, and drink that Mercy in.  


Inner Task for Saturday, Feb 18 – provided by Cynthia:

Find a part of your body to stay present to, in sensation. Use this as an inner ‘alarm bell’ while you attend to tasks in your designated period of Conscious Work (usually a simple, repetitive task is good, such as cleaning or gardening, for 30 minutes or so)