October 9: Session 7 Flow

Art & Practice of Spiritual Direction

Session 7: Culture and Marginalization

October 9, 2021
All times are listed in Pacific Time 

As with all retreats, times are flexible and may be adjusted along the way.


8:50     Zoom opens

9:00     Opening Ritual 

9:05     Opening Prayer

9:10     Large Group: Respond to videos on Culture and Social Structures (25 min.)

9:35     Mixed Groups: What core values do you hold & what are their origins and influences?                                   How do you relate to core values our culture holds (40 min.)


10:15   Break (10 min.)


10:25   Large Group: Power Shuffle Exercise (25 min.)

10:50   Large Group: Individual reflection on the exercise (5 min.)

10:55   Triad Breakout: Share what you are noticing (15 min.)

11:10   Large Group: Discussion (30 min.)

11:25   Large Group: Respond to videos on Being with and at the Margins (30 min.)


12:00   Lunch!  (90 min.)


1:30     Large Group: Staff share SD experiences of cultural/marginalization issues

                                    (20 min.) 

1:50     Large Group: Reflection on cultural/marginalization experiences (30 min.)


2:15     Stretch break


2:15     Large Group: Respond to videos on Implications for Spiritual Direction (20 min.)

2:45     Journal the Day (5 min.)

2:50     Reminders and Closing Ritual (10 min.)

3:00     End


What’s Next? 

  • Mentor group meeting with Quads; supervision and direction meetings
  • Reflection paper (due October 21)
  • Assignments for November: Specific instructions for book project  
  • Read your chosen book and prepare for presentation in Mentor Groups during November session
  • Resources handouts: RSM Critical Concerns
  • Continue looking for directees, if necessary 


Course Website:

https://mercyis.org/art-and-practice-online-course/           Password: APListen2021