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Prayer with Christine Jurisich


Christine Jurisich

Christine Jurisich is an author, retreat facilitator, and foundress of Retreat, Reflect, Renew, a non-profit retreat ministry. She is a Mercy Associate and facilitator for Mercy Center Auburn and Mercy Center Burlingame’s Sacred Journey program.

“I am so grateful to be a part of the Sacred Journey program. As a participant, I loved the depth and honesty of our discussions because they challenged me to grow and expand my ways of thinking. As a facilitator, I love being able to offer that to others and my heart is always profoundly touched by the intimacy of our sacred circles.”

Christine spent the first decade of her career as a TV anchor and reporter before getting into retreat ministry fifteen years ago with the Benedictine ministry, Ministry of Mothers Sharing. While working for the ministry, she was a leadership and facilitator trainer, writer, and group facilitator and co-created and developed a successful national retreat series.

Christine’s experience in pastoral ministry includes serving on a pastoral council, serving as Stewardship chair of her parish for five years, and creating, chairing, and participating in many ministries and faith sharing groups.

Video 1 - Prayer as Relational

Quotes About Prayer

“Establishing and developing a relationship is the nucleus of all Christian prayer. This bond is created with someone, and that someone is God. Our Source of Life continually bids each of us into a loving union. The process of prayer unfolds in a way similar to Jesus inviting his disciples to follow him into deeper friendship, a closeness that did not develop instantly.

Prayer is a kind of companionship that develops step by step, as we are drawn into an ever expanding oneness of love.”

Joyce Rupp, “Prayer”

“To pray is to enter into a relationship with God and to have that relationship make a difference in my life.”

Kenneth Leech, “True Prayer”

Video 2 - Identify Different Types of Prayer

Video 3 - Recognize Different Perspectives on Prayer