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Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction

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  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Art and Practice Themes Outline 2021-22
  3. Art and Practice Book List 2021-22
  4. Welcome from Program Mentors
  5. Zoom Links
  6. Assignments and Resources
    11 Topics
  7. Video Pre-work for Session 2: The Circle of Life
    3 Topics
  8. Video Pre-work for Session 2: Theological Presuppositions
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  9. April 10: Session 2 Flow
  10. Labyrinth Gallery
  11. Real Play from April 10, 2021
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  12. Video Pre-Work for Session 3: Supervision
    6 Topics
  13. May 8: Session 3 Flow
  14. Video Pre-Work for Session 4: Interior Movements
    4 Topics
  15. June 12: Session 4 Flow
  16. Video Pre-Work for Session 5: Directing Another in Prayer
    5 Topics
  17. July 10: Session 5 Flow
  18. Video Pre-Work for Session 6: Jungian Psychology and Spiritual Direction
  19. September 11: Session 6 Flow
  20. Video Pre-Work for Session 7: Culture and Marginalization
    7 Topics
  21. October 9: Session 7 Flow
  22. Pre-Work for Session 8: Special Topics in Spirituality
  23. November 13: Session 8 Flow
  24. Pre-Work for Session 9: Discernment
  25. January 7 & 8 Discernment Weekend
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Pre-Work for Session 9: Discernment


  • Reflection paper due  November 30 – Happy Thanksgiving!
    • In what way did the process deepen this experience for you: reading your book, preparing your presentation, and integrating Mercy Spirituality and spiritual direction, and sharing it with the group.
    • What about our session in November brought you joy?
    • What surprised you about our time together?
    • Please share any way your mentor or the team can support you at this time.


  • Meet with your Mentor Group for quads in November – You will have a month off of Mentor Groups for December.
  • Meet with your supervisor
  • Meet with your spiritual director
  • Continue looking for directees, if necessary
  • Meet with your directees 

Discernment Assignment:

  • Complete and email to your mentor by Monday, January 3:
    •  Art & Practice of Spiritual Direction Discernment Process Guidelines (see below)
    • Supervision Record (listing your progress so far)


  • Ruffing: Spiritual Direction: Beyond the Beginnings, Chapter 1 and The Will of God, p. 82-86. 

Download and Read:

January 7 & 8 Mercy Center Visit Option:

You are invited to join us at Mercy Center for the Discernment weekend. All of the sessions will continue to be held online with Zoom so coming in person will not be necessary. It will be an option if you wish.

We will not have a “hybrid” session.  You will be able to use Zoom in your bedroom for privacy, or another area in Mercy Center with the group, and we will eat meals and have break times together. Please make sure to bring along headphones with a built-in speaker for comfort.

Discernment Session Schedule
January 7 & 8, 2022
Friday Noon-6pm & Saturday 9am-6pm PT

See ticket options with special pricing below:

*All participants must be fully vaccinated for COVID 19 and follow our on-site COVID protocol.

If you are not able to attend at Mercy Center, we encourage you to find some retreat space with internet access to attend the Discernment Session.