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Psychology, Spirituality & Faith Development

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Robert H. Walters, PhD

B.A. Communication Theory. Biola University
M.A. Theology.  Fuller Theological Seminary
M.A. Communication Theory.  University of Washington
Ph.D. Clinical Psychology.  Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

Served as clinical supervisor over the last twenty years for the Institute of transpersonal Psychology and for Christian Counseling Centers.

Associate Professor  Communication Theory
Azusa Pacific University
1978 —1985

Private practice Clinical Psychologist
Menlo Park. CA
1991 to present


There are meeting points between Psychology and Spirituality. Dr. Walters is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in the intersection of Spirituality and Psychology.

It is important to remember that spiritual direction is not a substitute for therapy. In the Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction Program we go into depth about how to distinguish between the two disciplines of spiritual direction and therapy and help new directors learn when to refer directees to therapy.

For our purposes in Sacred Journey, it is helpful to consider how our own psychological development and mental health is connected to our own spiritual development.

Please listen to the recordings and journal your response to each reflection question.

Psychology and Spirituality – Robert H.Walters

Recording – Psychology and Spirituality (13:02 mins)

Reference: Drawing Hands Video – M.C. Escher

Reflection Question

What is your own sense of the relationship between psychological experience and spiritual experience in your life?

drawing hands
Faith and Trust – Robert H. Walters

Recording  – Faith and Trust  (11:31 min)

Reflection Question

Evaluate the depth and quality of your own experience of faith and how it might be correlated with the general quality of trust you feel for those around you.

Spiritual Bypass – Robert H. Walters

Recording – Spiritual Bypass  (10:15 min)

Reflection Question

In what ways have you attempted to use the project of your own spiritual development to take your attention away from some of the challenging psychological work that might allow you to have more intimate and fulfilling interpersonal relationships?

Recording – Meaning Making  (8:14 min)

Reflection Question

Can you articulate some of the kinds of things that give your life ultimate meaning? What are some meaning making experiences that help you to discover ultimate meaning in your life?

Can you name some connections between psychological wellness and spirituality or psychospiritual health?

Stages of Faith Development

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