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Visio Divina – Jesus Carries His Cross and The Three Falls

Visio Divina - Reflection 2 Video

Reflection 2: Jesus Carries His Cross & The Three Falls

As you gaze at each of the images, notice your breath and your body. 

Simply be present to the images and allow them to speak to your heart, openly.
The images may speak to you in words or sensations. 

How do you feel looking at each image?       

As Jesus carries his cross, how has his figure and the color blue changed in relationship to the neutral-colored area (representing humanity) since the first station? What does this say about Jesus’ willingness to love us unconditionally?

How does the position of the cross change between the 3 falls?

How does the color red change between the 3 falls? Where is the spirit (white and blue) in the scenes? Does Jesus’ nature, illustrated in his white garment, change at all?

How is God speaking to you through these stations, at this time?

In silence, sit with, and journal about what you have received.