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Visio Divina – Response of Simon and Veronica

Visio Divina - Response of Simon and Veronica

As you gaze at each of the images, notice how you breathe and how your body feels.

Simply be present to the images and allow them to speak to your heart, openly.
The images may speak to you in words or sensations. 

How do you feel looking at each image? 

Notice how the color red is shared between the 2 figures and how the negative space between them takes on the shape of a heart. Also, notice how the glow of blue life force and white divinity begins to color in the neutral garment of Simon. How does sharing a burden, even reluctantly, increase Love?

Notice how the figures of both are the color of the crowd (general public), but how the area they are in near Jesus is lighter than other sections of the crowd above the cross. What might that say about their efforts to come forth in the noisy crowd?

 Notice the colors on Jesus’ imprint on Veronica’s veil. Purple is the color of royalty. Has she received special Grace for her efforts to comfort Jesus?