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Visio Divina – Station 1

Jesus is Condemned

acrylic on wood panel, 12x12, station one of the stations of the cross

Station 1: Jesus is Condemned


As you gaze at the image, notice your breath and your body. 

Simply be present to the image and allow it to speak to your heart, openly.
It might speak to you in words or sensations. 

How do you feel looking at the image? 

If you had to describe the image in a sentence or two silently to

yourself, what would you say? 


Notice the body language as Jesus is condemned by both the temple and political elite. Notice where the color red appears, indicating points of pain. Jesus’ hands are tied, but do you also see specs of red in the neutral background? Were others in the crowd also experiencing pain over this condemnation? Where are you in the crowd? 


Where does the color blue, representing the presence of God and a life force, appear?    What separates it from the situation? 


How is the cross structure used in the art as a divisive element?


Is God speaking to you in this image?


In silence, sit with, and journal about what you have received. 



Visio Divina - Station 1 Video