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Mercy Spirituality Centers

Mercy Center, Burlingame

Located in Burlingame California Mercy Center is an internationally known conference and retreat center offering a peaceful and holistic environment for people of diverse faiths and backgrounds to nourish their spiritual and professional lives, and a convenient location for conferences and events.

Mercy Center, Auburn

Mercy Center in Auburn California is a retreat and conference center offering hospitality with a special mindfulness toward providing quiet and solitude to individuals, groups, religious organizations of diverse faiths and nonprofit organizations.

Cranaleith Spiritual Center

Cranaleith in Philadelphia Pennsylvania is a contemplative retreat center for all seeking wholeness and transformation for themselves and society.

Mercy By the Sea

Mercy by the Sea

Located in Madison Connecticut  Mercy by the Sea is a spirituality and retreat center which focuses on nurturing a relationship with the Sacred in self, others, and creation.

Mercy Conference and Retreat Center

Located in St. Louis Missouri,  Mercy Conference and Retreat Center provides a tranquil environment of hospitality and healing in the Mercy tradition. Groups and individuals of all faiths can engage in prayer, reflection and dialogue.


Mercy Farm EcoSpirituality Center

Mercy Farm EcoSpirituality Center in Benson Vermont is a spirituality and retreat center connecting people with nature and healing the Earth through school and community outreach, farming, gardening and more.

Mercy Spirituality Center

Mercy Spirituality Center in Rochester, New York is a retreat center offering  spiritual direction, days of reflection, weeklong retreats, faith-sharing groups, the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and retreats.

Mount St. Mary House of Prayer

Mount St. Mary House of Prayer in Watchung, New Jersey is a
spiritual center for persons of all faiths, offering retreats, spiritual direction and a variety of programs and opportunities for holistic growth.

Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center

Our Lady of the Pines Retreat Center in Fremont, Ohio, offers
 a space for all seeking a deeper relationship with God, self, others and all creation.


The Spirituality Ministry at Mercy Convent

The Spirituality Ministry at Mercy Convent in Nashville Tennessee, offers a place for groups of all faiths to deepen their relationships with God, others and self.

Well of Mercy

Well of Mercy in Hamptonville North Carolina is a retreat center providing quiet sanctuary for adults seeking right relationship with self, others, God and creation.

Well of Mercy

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mercy Center

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mercy Center is a non profit Spiritual Life Center which is sponsored by Sisters of Mercy, Belize.   They offer retreats, workshops and spiritual companioning.


Mercy Is currently lists only some of the online offerings from Mercy Retreat and Spirituality Centers.   For more information about the full offerings of each center please visit their individual websites.

Each Mercy spirituality center lists their in person offerings on their own website.  To find out more please visit the website for the retreat or spirituality center nearest to you.

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