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Art and Practice of Spiritual Direction

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  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Art and Practice Themes Outline 2021-22
  3. Art and Practice Book List 2021-22
  4. Welcome from Program Mentors
  5. Zoom Links
  6. Assignments and Resources
    11 Topics
  7. Video Pre-work for Session 2: The Circle of Life
    3 Topics
  8. Video Pre-work for Session 2: Theological Presuppositions
    3 Topics
  9. April 10: Session 2 Flow
  10. Labyrinth Gallery
  11. Real Play from April 10, 2021
    1 Topic
  12. Video Pre-Work for Session 3: Supervision
    6 Topics
  13. May 8: Session 3 Flow
  14. Video Pre-Work for Session 4: Interior Movements
    4 Topics
  15. June 12: Session 4 Flow
  16. Video Pre-Work for Session 5: Directing Another in Prayer
    5 Topics
  17. July 10: Session 5 Flow
  18. Video Pre-Work for Session 6: Jungian Psychology and Spiritual Direction
  19. September 11: Session 6 Flow
  20. Video Pre-Work for Session 7: Culture and Marginalization
    7 Topics
  21. October 9: Session 7 Flow
  22. Pre-Work for Session 8: Special Topics in Spirituality
  23. November 13: Session 8 Flow
  24. Pre-Work for Session 9: Discernment
  25. January 7 & 8 Discernment Weekend
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Assignments (More to Come...)


Write reflection paper.

Due September 23

Prompts are:

  • How are the Jungian insights as Don Bisson related them shifting your spiritual direction practice?
  • How do you maintain focus on the spiritual while attending to the psychological aspects present in your sessions?
  • How have you dealt with transference/counter-transference in your practice? 


  • Get in touch with a personal experience that has a psychological dimension such as: a significant dream, a relationship issue, emergence of a painful memory. If you were to have a direction session with a person who had a similar experience, how would you- as director- handle the session differently from the way a therapist might?


  • Mentor group meeting with Quads: This time with Quads we suggest you bring an issue from the above “Get in touch” suggestions to your quad direction session.


Assigned readings for October:

  • Sacred is the Call: Chapters 12, 17, 20
  • Culture and Social Structures
  • Contemplation and Action
  • The Marginalized
  • Implications for Spiritual Direction
  • Acronym Handout
  • Spiritual Direction in a Cross Cultural Setting
  • Spiritual Direction Scenarios in Today’s Landscape (Case Studies)
  • Walk With Me: Spiritual Direction With the LGBTQ+ Community

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